Homeowner’s Claims

Homeowners Property Damage Insurance Claims

Has your home been damaged due to a storm, water pipe burst, fire, hurricane, vandalism or other event?  Your insurance company is likely to deny or pay an insufficient amount of money to cover the damage to your home.  The attorneys at Bottari & Doyle handle property damages cases to ensure that we hold your insurance company accountable.  We strive to aggressively represent clients against big insurance companies who are not looking out for your best interests, but that that are more concerned with collecting your premiums!

Property Damage Claims in the Florida

Water Damage:

Water damage can destroy a home. Furthermore, water damage creates mold inside the home.  Family members can experience allergies or other illnesses caused by mold.  People who are made sick by mold often incur substantial medical bills from medical treatment to treat the illness.

Fire Damage:

Fires are devastating,  The amount of money it costs to repair a fire damaged house can be in the tens of thousands.  Fires may result from arson, gas leaks and natural events.

Burst Pipes:

Pipe bursts can be caused by cold temperatures, moving pipes, water pressure and corrosion.  A moving pipe is a pipe that is not secured and can be heard from inside the wall.  A corrosive pipe can be caused by the age of the pipe or pH balances within the water.  Pipe bursts then may cause water damage and flooding to a home.

Flooding Damage:

Flooding can be caused by rain, pipe bursts, leaks, hurricanes and other events.  Many policies do not insure for flooding.

Roof Damage:

Damage to the roof of a home can be caused by wear and tear, storms, improper maintenance and other conditions.

Lightning Strikes:

Lightning strikes to a home or surrounding areas can cause fires to the home.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storm Damage

Are a very likely cause of damage to the home due to flooding, wind damage and rain.

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