Palm Beach Commercial Motor Vehicle DUI Attorney


Drivers licensed to operate commercial motor vehicles are subject to enhanced penalties as a result of DUI. These penalties can drastically affect a person’s life. A commercial motor vehicle is defined as: “any vehicle which is not owned or operated by a governmental entity, which uses special fuel or motor fuel on the public highways, and which has a gross vehicle weight of 26,001 pounds or more, or has three or more axles regardless of weight, or is used in combination when the weight of such combination exceeds 26,001 pounds gross vehicle weight.”
In addition to the mandatory DUI penalties, a mandatory one year commercial driver’s license revocation applies to drivers who are convicted of any of the following violations:

  • Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
  • Driving a commercial motor vehicle while the alcohol concentration of his or her blood, breath or urine is .04 or higher.
  • Leaving the scene of a crash involving a motor vehicle driven by the person.
  • Using a motor vehicle in the commission of a felony.
  • Driving a commercial motor vehicle while in possession of a controlled substance.
  • Refusing to submit to a test to determine his or her alcohol concentration while driving a motor vehicle.
  • Driving a commercial vehicle while the license holder’s commercial driver’s license is suspended, revoked or canceled or while the license holder is disqualified from driving a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Causing a fatality through the negligent operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

Additionally, a person cannot apply for a hardship commercial driver’s license, and two or more convictions for any of the above offenses will result in a permanent commercial driver’s license revocation.

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