Marijuana Lawyer in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Here at The Law Offices of Bottari & Doyle, we put our years of experience and expertise to fight for your rights. You deserve to get professional help for your marijuana case, and we have a reputation for putting the needs of our clients at the forefront of our efforts. The Royal Palm Beach area has a fair share of marijuana cases, but no two cases are the same. With several years of experience, we can dissect any case and find the best way to build a defense for you. 

The Law Offices of Bottari & Doyle will do everything possible to get your marijuana case dismissed. Many times, prosecutors do not have enough evidence to prove marijuana allegations. These situations result in dismissals of charges for our clients. Additionally, marijuana convictions require the defendant to perform six months of an intensive anger management program. The Law Offices of Bottari & Doyle will do everything that we possible to make sure our clients do not have to participate in this program.

Getting arrested in Royal Palm Beach and being charged with a crime, will be one of the most polarizing moments in your life and it will require the assistance of a dedicated and reputable marijuana lawyer in Royal Palm Beach. The Law Offices of Bottari & Doyle knows that the best offense is the best defense; that defense begins the minute police attempt to question you. Though cooperation with police is often considered prudent and can look favorable to juries and judges, it is not always in your best interest to talk to law enforcement officers without a marijuana attorney present.

When you need to recover medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses necessary to protect your future security and care, you need to contact an advocate who is dedicated to protecting your rights. The Law Offices of Bottari & Doyle is here to protect your rights, your assets, and your emotional well-being during your recovery. Your marijuana matter needs to be resolved with results. You deserve to be treated fairly and receive compensation from the negligent party. We will help you achieve that goal with results.